websites of a selection of teachers, training courses and pupils

Organizations of teachers

National organization of certified teachers:
AmSAT: American Society
for the Alexander Technique

International societies of certified teachers:
Alexander Technique Worldwide

The Alexander Trust

The F. Matthias Alexander Trust is a registered
UK charity established in 1991 to advance the
education of the general public in
the Alexander Technique and to promote research
and study into all aspects of the Technique.
The Trust is affiliated with
the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique.

Sites of colleagues overseas

Pedro de Alcantara
Paris, France

Janet Pinder-Emery
Chester, England

Micha Rotstein
Melbourne, Australia

Nicholas Chapman
London, England 

listening to my body

Teachers in the US

Listing of all AmSAT-certified teachers

The Center for the AT: Linda and Ed Avak
Menlo Park, CA

Laura Klein
Berkeley, CA

a comprehensive site by teacher
Robert Rickover
Lincoln, NB

Very funny people who study the AT

Comedienne Wendy Liebman

Supplies for string players
Johnson String
Violin, viola and cello sales, rentals, strings and accessories, sheet music, and more.


Jill Geiger, AmSAT, STAT

teaching the Alexander Technique since 1990
Newton, MA